We use emerging and breakthrough technologies to provide connectivity to those under-served by broadband, fibre or cable solutions.

TV White Space, frequencies no longer used by TV channels, allows us to provide affordable access where incumbent service providers can't, or won't, go. Unlike traditional Wi-Fi our solutions don't require line-of-sight, can cope with uneven terrain and have a range of up to 10km.


Future-proofed equipment

We deploy our equipment ourselves, so you can kick back and relax.   Our radios can be remotely updated and administered, so there's no need for lengthy maintenance periods, or waiting for engineer visits.

Simple, no-nonsense infrastructure

Unlike 3G/4G/5G and others our infrastructure is simple, reliable and affordable. One mast and base radio can serve multiple properties in a 360° radius.

Superfast speeds and unlimited data

All of our solutions offer superfast speeds (upto 50Mbps) and unlimited data allowances. No more waiting for pages to load, or worrying about prohibitive mobile or satellite usage costs.

Bigger range than Wi-fi only solutions

Our solution can offer connectivity for distances of up to 10km, much further than you'd get with Wi-Fi or 3G/4G/5G services.

Fully scalable at pace

From one user to several thousand, Whitespace solutions can start as big or as small as needed, and scale very quickly when required.

Line-of-sight not required

Trees? Hills? Buildings? No problem, Whitespace solutions can handle all of these.


For Local Authorities and Government

Many fast or high speed broadband suppliers overpromise and under-deliver, and frequently only get to 90% service coverage. Whitespace can cover that last 10%, without digging up roads, or using costly satellite services.


Do you live in a broadband not-spot? Are you struggling to get the service your community needs? We can deliver high-speed, affordable internet services to even the most rural areas.


Whether you live in a remote rural location, have an unusual building, or have been refused service from the traditional ISP's we can get you connected.