Head of Business Improvement – Mand Beckett

Mand has 15 years’ experience working in communications, software engineering and financial services, with roles ranging from call-centre agent to Director with 17 reports.

Another Plusnet alumni, she has since worked at Wandisco among others, so has lots of shared history with several of the Whitespace team.

In the fin-tech and software industries you often hear people say their products are going to 'change the world'. Whilst it is almost always well-intentioned (and sometimes even true!) most of them don't work without some form of connectivity.

Having digital access can genuinely change the lives of billions of people around the world right now. I am very proud to be involved in doing just that.


Outside of work she is passionate about music, dogs, watching sports and geeky crochet. She lives in the Peak District with her wife Debbie, two of their three daughters, two cats and a dog.