Head of Service Delivery – Gordon Vaughan

Gordon’s interest in telecoms started at O2, learning everything about mobile telephony and seeing the data market change in real time. Moving to Plusnet, he progressed to the Partner team working exclusively on high-profile projects. He later moved to WANdisco to take up a similar role, but this time adding the weight of household name & industry leading companies to the job. Eventually they afforded him the chance to work remotely, and a move back home to Scotland was swiftly completed.

I’m a boy from Aviemore. Even when I moved to Sheffield I had the local newspaper sent down the road to me (‘the Strathy’). I watched from afar as communities got left behind in the online race, and it frustrated me.

The moment I found out about Whitespace I knew I wanted to work here, not just for my hometown and the surrounding area, but for all the areas like it, in Scotland, the rest of the UK, and the rest of the world. I recognise how vital these services can be, and what they mean at a local level, and I’m determined to ensure we provide the best service possible.