Whitespace is perfectly suited to the use cases where traditional fixed line services either aren’t available or just don’t work for the end users.

This could be anything including providing broadband connectivity to rural communities, delivering wireless connectivity across campuses, or connecting developing countries to a TV Whitespace network.

We can deliver affordable high-speed broadband, quickly and easily, even in the most difficult environments.

Beyond that, we are uniquely positioned to respond to the challenge of connecting the unconnected.

We have exclusive access to the ONLY radio manufacturers ETSI-certified for commercial use in the UK.

We’ve spent months testing and working with the radio manufacturers to get the best radio performance, so much so that we’ve helped to shape and influence their product roadmap.

Our solutions offer business-class service at industry standard prices.

We can install and deploy quickly and at scale, and can manage our entire network remotely as needed.

We have several testimonials from customers in some of the most challenging environments.


We have a UK-based team with over 60 years  ISP experience between us, delivering service to individuals, SME’s and FTSE100 companies.

We have a proven track record in delivering all aspects of the service, from sales to in-life support. Whatever gets thrown our way, one of us has seen or dealt with it before and knows the answer.

We’re supported by some of the biggest names in the industry.

We have close ties with Universities and research teams developing the cutting edge TVWS technology and are constantly looking for innovative ideas to make our products better, faster or more efficient.