Digital Divide in the UK: How Whitespace can aid digital inclusion

Many of us in the UK take daily internet access for granted. Many of the services we use are entirely cloud-based, from banking to social media and everything in-between.

For some sections of the UK though, whether geographic or socio-economic, there are huge amounts of people who can't, or don't, access the internet.

The government is aware of this problem, and is working to address it with their digital inclusion strategy. 


Having a good quality internet connection can improve all areas of our lives. For small business it can often make the difference between success and failure. For people in education having access to online resources is critical to success, especially with cuts to council services in most areas. There are recreational benefits too, being able to listen to music or watch a movie whenever we want is remarkable.

These benefits shouldn't be restricted by where you live, or provided only to people who can afford to spend tens of thousands of pounds for a single connection.

Find out more about the UK digital divide with our free infographic:

Download infographic: The UK digital divide


Our solutions tackle this problem from two angles, coverage and cost.


The TV whitespace technology and hardware can cover ranges of up to 10km outdoors. This means that there is less infrastructure required, reducing complexity and cost


Our products are affordable. One Whitespace mast can service thousands of users, reducing initial deployment costs massively. Ongoing costs are comparable or lower than mass-market copper broadband solutions, but will offer better service and speeds.


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