Will the Reaching 100% (R100) scheme really reach 100% of Scottish premises?

If you live or work in Scotland you’ve probably heard the phrase R100. But you may not know what it is, or why it matters.

What is R100?
R100 is short-form for Reaching 100% – and forms part of the Scottish Government’s commitment to deliver superfast broadband access to 100% of premises.

Excellent, so we can call sit back and relax because faster internet is on it’s way?
Not quite. The key word in the Government’s commitment is ACCESS. No-one will actually get connected as part of R100, instead the scheme is about delivering infrastructure so that Local Councils, ISP’s, communities or businesses can expand on that and provide services to users.

What does superfast broadband actually mean?
This generally depends where you look for the answer, but specifically in the R100 context this means ‘infrastructure which is capable of delivering download speeds of at least 30Mbps’.

That’s good isn’t it? Why isn’t all of the UK doing this?
It is good, and demonstrates that the Scottish Goverment is a little more forward-looking. The UK government’s commitment under the Digital Economy Act is for all premises to have at least 10Mbps, but with more and more high-definition content, services moving exclusively online, and an ever-growing list of devices which need connectivity this is soon going to be out-dated and slow.

Doesn’t everywhere already have fast internet?
In cities and towns maybe. In rural areas the story is very different.
In 2012 the Scottish Governments Open Market Review (OMR) showed that 66% of premises either had superfast broadband, or would get it in the next 3 years. 6 years later there are still 10% of properties without access to superfast broadband and 54% of properties who only have access through one provider. This is good progress, but R100 aims to get full coverage across the whole country. Whether it succeeds or not only time will tell.

What can I do to get better broadband?
For users and communities you either have to wait it out and see if R100 gives you access to superfast broadband, or you can talk to us and your community about getting you access now. Do that here.