Broadband Voucher Schemes

There are several schemes running across the UK to help those currently unable to receive superfast broadband with installation costs or community broadband projects. However, as with many government schemes, the rules and steps to take to get this help can sometimes be confusing. 

Take a look and see if we can help get you connected today. 

1. Check what services are available to you currently

2. Get a quote from us

Contact us to see if we can get you connected and receive your quote (you'll need to submit this to receive the funding).

3. Apply for funding

England, Scotland & Northern Ireland - We do this bit for you so you can just sit back and relax.

Wales - You'll need to download and complete the application form from the Access Broadband site. Submit your quote and the completed application form here.

4. Funding Approval

England, Scotland & Northern Ireland - You'll receive an email asking you a few questions. After that, we'll receive confirmation that funding has been approved and will let you know. You'll then need to sign up to our Basic Broadband product.

Wales - Get your offer letter and sign up to our service.

5. Installation

We'll complete your installation and make sure you're all up and running. We'll need to ask you to do some speedtests to demonstrate that your new connection meets the scheme criteria and will then apply to receive the funds on your behalf. You may receive an email or call at this point to check that you're happy with your new broadband service.