For Communities

Today broadband is more of a utility than a luxury. Increasingly, things that used to be part of a community like banks, post offices and libraries, are moving to digital services. People need to be connected to take part.

When communities have access to quality broadband services they prosper. Children with regular internet access get better academic results. Businesses who can sell online open up new markets and revenue streams. House prices are higher if high-speed broadband is available. Tourists, business and workers are more attracted to connected communities.

3 billion

people are unconnected


of all retail sales were online


of jobs require some digital skills

Communities in remote or rural parts of the UK, and those in developing countries, are typically the last to receive high-speed services, and often get a lesser product at a higher cost.

With Whitespace that’s no longer the case. We can deliver high-speed, reliable, affordable broadband services, anywhere in the world.

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