For Local Authorities and Government

Communities + Councils + Whitespace Technologies = Connecting the Unconnected

Each of the above represents a key ingredient to the success of the digital inclusion programme in your area. We all need to come together to provide fast, reliable and scalable broadband services to ensure services are fit-for-purpose, now and in the future.

If you’re a member of a rural community and suffer because of low or non-existent broadband service in your area, we can help you get connected.

If you’re a Council member and feel helpless when it comes to finding a solution to deliver a dependable and affordable broadband solution for your constituency, we can help you get connected.


Your constituents are tired of waiting for the type of broadband service the rest of the country takes for granted. Internet access today is as essential to a home or business as clean, running water & electricity. Why should the rural community continue to lag behind?

More government departments, agencies and public bodies are going digital. All tax services, benefits and programmes servicing the community at large will be completed exclusively via the internet. Therefore it is unacceptable for rural and sometimes remote communities to have insufficiently slow and unreliable internet access, or no access at all.

Whitespace Technology have a mission to work with local communities and Councils to deliver an effective broadband solution which meets the needs of the rural community now and for the future. We offer an alternative to traditional ISPs whom can’t deliver to the hard to reach not-spots!

Together we will work to identify the methodology, design bespoke solutions and provide the costs. The products are backed by an experienced team delivering business grade connectivity, underpinned by a meaningful service level agreement and outstanding customer service.

We’re not a one-size-fits-all company, but will conduct the up-front due diligence needed for us to deliver the end to end deployment services, including all planning and engineering services. The solution will be fully designed for optimum results and installed and tested by our experienced team of engineers. We will manage the solution once live and deploy remote monitoring and management services to ensure maximum up-time and excellent customer experience.

What are you waiting for?