Charges Schedule

Charges Schedule

All prices quoted in this Whitespace Technology Ltd Broadband charges schedule include VAT except where it says otherwise.

Whitespace Technology Ltd Broadband options have a minimum period of either 12, 24 or 36 months.

The charges for the service will vary according to the Whitespace Technology Ltd Broadband service option and minimum period selected by the Customer.

Additional charges

Whitespace Technology Ltd Customer Premise Equipment (CPE)

Whitespace Technology Ltd approved Customer premises equipment including an Antenna, ACRS 2.0 device and wireless router will be provided as part of the initial install of our service and each will carry a 12-month warranty. Where replacements are required outside of a fault condition or warranty claim the following charges will apply.

Item Contract period Replacement Cost Delivery Charge Install fee
Wireless Router 24 Month £0.00 £5.00 Self-install
Antenna 24 Months £20.00 £5.00 £70.00
ARCS 2.0 24 Months £200.00 £5.00 £70.00
Wireless Router 12 Months £0.00 £5.00 Self-install
Antenna 12 Months £30.00 £5.00 £70.00
ARCS 2.0 12 Months £300.00 £5.00 £70.00
Wireless Router No contract £50.00 £5.00 Self-install
Antenna No contract £30.00 £5.00 £70.00
ARCS 2.0 No contract £350.00 £5.00 £70.00

Non-Direct Debit payment

If the Customer chooses to pay by an allowable payment method other than Direct Debit they will be charged a fee of £5.00 for payment collection and processing services for each transaction.

Abortive visit charge

The abortive visit charges referred to in paragraph 4.9 of the Service schedule are as follows:

Broadband fault – £144.00

New service installation – £100.00

Ceasing service charge

If the Customer ends the contract for the service and the service is ceased or the Customer switches their service to another provider on a different network, the Customer will pay £25.00.

Cancellation charges

If the Customer cancels the contract or the service at any time before Whitespace Technology Ltd provides the service, Whitespace Technology Ltd may charge an abortive visit charge (if applicable) and a charge of £50.00 will be made for any Whitespace Technology Ltd provided router if the Customer does not wish to return it.

Early termination charges

The termination charges referred to in clause 6.6. of the General Business Conditions are due for any remaining part of the minimum period and are as follows for broadband customers:

Product Contract period Monthly Early Termination Charge
Consumer broadband 24 months £10.00
Consumer broadband 12 months £14.00
Business broadband 24 months £14.00
Business broadband 12 months £18.00

Example: A consumer customer has signed up for a 24 Month contract. They wish to cancel service at month 10. They will be charged 14 x £10 = £140 by way of an early termination charge. This is per the OFCOM profit forgone rules.

These charges are compensatory and not subject to VAT.

Broadband care level charges

Standard care is included with all Whitespace Technology Ltd Broadband products.

Enhanced Care is charged at £8.50 per month

Premises moves

You can move your broadband to different premises in a Whitespace Technology Ltd enabled area for free once during your minimum period. Additional moves within the same minimum period would cost £50 per move.

If your contract has expired, you can move for free by agreeing to start a new contract or pay the £50 premises move fee.